Compare OK: 08 Fail: 0 Diff: 0 Press ENT to see the details of source 1 as shown below.Manuals Brands Acard Manuals Card Reader ARS-2051PC User manual Acard ARS-2051PC User Manual Card reader to sata dvd duplicator controller.

Before copying, please make certain that the source flash media is inserted into the correct slot on the card reader.New Password When it is correct, you will see the following figure.Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are made to order.

The best DVD Duplicator, Blu-Ray DVD Duplicators, CD Duplicators, Duplication Equipment, Printers, Disc Publishers, Accessories and Supplies.ARS-2074C DVD Copier Flash Copier SATA HDD DVD-Writer CN13 (upper level).

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Verify HDD is to verify if the hard disk or any of its partitions can work well.

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Before installing any hardware, please check the SATA cable first.

Acard duplicator 1-3 always says Fail even though the disk

You can return your ACARD product that needs recycling to a local collector.Overburn lets you decide whether to copy beyond the limit of the media or not. 13-02. Adv Setup Overburn Press ENT to enter the following figure.Member nations already established their free of charge recycle systems of WEEE before August 13, 2005.Once the check is finished, you will see the all of the driver you have to update.Accordingly, ACARD has to be responsible for recycling all products exported to Germany.Tgt: 00 HDD P:A Identical If comparison fails, LCD will show the failure.

Close Session 5.2.11 Mode Select Now select Model Select and enter the following figure.Please check that the SATA cable is properly connected before installing the hardware.Image Format Info Auto Edit This function is to name a certain partition, but only when the partition contains an image file can title editing be valid.

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Src:SUPER MULTI 00 CH01 After selecting the source such as DVD-ROM, you can press ENT, and LCD will show the message as follows.Those restored data will be appended to the flash media as long as it has free space.Recommended Duplicator Firmware Update Procedure Put a blank CD.The function Language lets you select a language in which messages can be shown on LCD. 12-01. Setup Language Press ENT.This figure shows that the hard disk has been formatted as DVD.

If you forget your password, return the copy controller to ACARD for help.You can get the latest firmware version from ACARD by e-mail, or download it directly from the web site: Then, unzip the file and copy it into a media.Here, as an introductory example, we use one of the burners as the copying source. (Note: To use the hard drive as the source, you have to load the data on the disc to some partition of the hard drive first.ARS-2078C DVD Copier Flash Copier SATA HDD DVD-Writer CN15 (upper level).

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ARS-2051PC DVD Copier Flash Copier SATA HDD or CN13 DVD-Writer.Chapter 2 Installation. 2.1 Stand-alone Duplicator Controller.2.2 Complete Duplication System.2.3 Duplication System with no DVD Writer.2.4 Installing the ARS-2051PC.2.5 Installing the ARS-2074C. 2.6 Installing the ARS-2078C.Auto Save Image can save an image file automatically into your designated partition of HDD. 13-17. Adv Setup Auto Save Image Press ENT to enter the next figure.Disc Counter records how many discs you have copied. 13-16. Adv Setup Disc Counter Press ENT to see the following figure.

Compared with Quick Erase, Full Erase takes longer time to do the job.miles from zip. reset update search. safety tips;. favorite this post Sep 18 Acard ARS 7 disk Duplicator $100 pic map hide this posting restore restore this...

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Confirm the erasing of data. Analyzing.Analyze the source disc.

Compare-DVD 4213.4MB 7:30 When comparison comes to an end, LCD will show the results as follows.In other words, you can collect songs on a number of CDs and merge them into a single CD.

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Eject Good Only: Only good disc will be ejected after burning.After keying in the old password, remember to press ENT to confirm.